We’re your team for complex systems.

You can’t afford to have your facility offline. Especially if you’re operating a data center, hospital, manufacturing facility or research lab.

These often-complex heating and cooling environments are the specialty of our service and controls team.

At the high level, we offer highly technical onsite staffing to operate, maintain and repair your equipment on a 24/7/365 basis. We also offer monthly and quarterly maintenance agreements as well as individual time and material service requests.

Here’s what we do best:

HVAC systems - repair, replacement, retrofitting, maintenance

  • Air handling units
  • Chillers - centrifugal, screw, reciprocating and scroll (from 10 tons to 4000 tons)
  • Chiller compressors
  • Cooling towers and fan shafts
  • Pumps (including laser alignment)

Automation control systems - repairs, retrofits and upgrades

  • JCI Metasys, Distech, Explorer and Tridium (Honeywell and others) systems and products
  • Remote dial-in / monitoring
  • Critical alarming
  • Regularly scheduled calibration
  • Conversion from pneumatic to direct digital control (DDC)
  • Training on control systems

Other services

  • Oil analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Testing with Eddy Current
  • Inspections
  • Laser shaft / pulley alignment

Responsiveness is crucial in facilities management. But staying one step ahead is just as important.

Our clients will tell you that’s exactly what we do when we maintain, repair and replace.

  • Data centers rely on us to ensure consistency and redundancy in systems, both operating and controls. A third of our facilities service business is for mission-critical operations.
  • Health care environments face stringent guidelines for maintaining pressure accuracy and air purity. We’re experts in Joint Commission requirements, FGI healthcare guidelines and standards established in the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG).
  • Managers of a wide range of commercial buildings – from skyscrapers to special-purpose facilities – entrust maintenance and repair to Batchelor & Kimball as well.

B&K’s service technicians at work inside Piedmont Hospital. Our expertise includes Joint Commission requirements, FGI healthcare guidelines and standards established in NPSG.

While our focus is sharp and our standards high, your needs may vary.

So how we service your facility can be flexible.

You may prefer to have Batchelor & Kimball onsite to keep mechanical systems fine-tuned and in balance. For these facility clients, we have as many as a dozen technicians stationed and working throughout the week. (For others, it may just be one or two technicians.)

Or you may want to have us keep a regularly scheduled maintenance program for your facility’s systems. We’ll track equipment cleaning, replacement of components and other elements essential to an effective program.

And whenever something goes wrong in your complex system, we’ll be there. Our first mission is to determine if a well-performed repair will suffice – you may be able to get more mileage out of a component or system and hold off on replacement.


Six key factors define how we serve and maintain facilities.

  1. We don’t view service as an “add-on” offering. To us, it’s a mission with purpose. The needs of the people in your environment are first and foremost in mind.
  2. Our technicians are factory-trained for a wide range of manufacturers, including York, Trane, Carrier, Liebert and AAON. You can be sure that we stay current with technical information.
  3. Getting quick access to components and parts is the heart of an effective service operation. Our close partnerships with manufacturers and controls companies speeds response. If you need something created to a unique specification, our fabrication professionals will take care of that.
  4. We keep our pricing complete and fair. Unfortunately, other providers sometimes omit steps or components to create a low-cost estimate – then issue change orders to catch up. To assure accurate pricing, we include everything.
  5. We only hire technicians who have the right-fit skill set and experience with the systems we service. All are UA certified. And as with every B&K employee, we take care of our service team and keep them trained on safety and changing practices and technologies.
  6. Our team members freely share knowledge and experience. When you get one of us, you get all of us.

B&K is not an “anything-and-everything” service provider. Rather than over-promise, we focus on what we do best.