Construction is the heart of our operation.

And handling the tough projects and unexpected developments is our specialty.

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Complexity in commercial HVAC and plumbing takes many forms. This is where we thrive:

  • Buildings that have the most stringent environmental criteria, such as air changes, flow rates and temperature ranges
  • Facilities that can never (or rarely) be offline, requiring mechanical construction, repair and maintenance to be worked around existing operations
  • Big projects that require many different trades, partners and players working together
  • Construction that must be completed in a highly aggressive time frame
  • Projects that require some form of ingenuity in HVAC and plumbing
  • Projects that benefit from design input and modeling (to facilitate constructability and ease of maintenance).

Conversely, you might find more suitable HVAC and plumbing partners for office parks, apartment complexes or facilities with a simpler design.

PHASE 1: Initial Planning/Estimating. Your project goals are the focus of a first meeting or call with you.

Then we gather internally and with partners to determine the best approach to your project, which we’ll detail in a proposal.

What sets us apart here is foresight. Experience has taught us how to anticipate gaps in scope and items not reflected in drawings or specification docs. This is how we work as a partner – to help you anticipate issues and minimize “surprises” during project construction.

That “best approach” may not be a single answer; it might include options. But it always reflects our deep experience as well as an effort to add efficiency and value, without compromising any of your project requirements.

The point is: We begin to explore and solve even before the project is awarded to us. If we’re chosen as your partner, we move on to more detailed planning in the preconstruction phase.

When pricing our work, we use model-based estimating. This adds precision and transparency, so you’ll get a detailed estimate, down to the individual fitting and associated labor hour.

Our priority is to work with you as a partner – to help you anticipate issues and minimize “surprises” during project construction.

PHASE 2: Preconstruction.
Before we build anything, we use technology and communication to coordinate every step and sub-step in a project.

This includes:

  • Design-assist or Integrated Project Delivery. You benefit when we work hand-in-hand with architects and engineers to help shape the design of a project before construction starts.
  • Design review. To help identify potential problems, we’ll do an in-depth study of both constructability and maintainability. If needed, our Professional Engineers on staff will add engineering expertise.
  • CAD, Building Information Management (BIM) and modeling. Using state-of-the-art Revit and AutoCAD technology, we create 3D drawings and 4D models. These detail the environment we’ll be working in, showing duct work, piping, ceilings and lighting. (Other trades engaged in the project often use our drawings and models to guide their overhead work, which really strengthens the field team.)
  • Energy management. The HVAC system chosen for your facility must factor in energy usage in the decades ahead. We incorporate energy modeling and provide advice to optimize efficiency. These steps often pay for themselves in the long run.
  • LEED and Green Building. The drive for sustainability has brought demand for more LEED certification and Green Building designation. We have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff as well as team members skilled in other sustainability practices. Read a case study >


During pre-construction we look for ways to deliver a project more efficiently and safely by maximizing pre-fabrication. Our 90,000-sq. ft. fabrication facility enables us to achieve so much before working on the job site. (More on that below; or scroll above to watch a video.)

When changes are made in the field, we’ll instantly incorporate them into all drawings and models, so plans stay accurate all the way to the end. That’s the advantage of using advanced technology.

The footprint of our Winship at Midtown project, a 17-story specialized cancer care facility in Atlanta. Emory University hired us in 2020 for mechanical HVAC construction. B&K also handles nearly all routine plumbing and HVAC work for Emory University Hospital’s main and Midtown campuses.

PHASE 3: Fabrication and Manufacturing.
It’s absolutely crucial in a large-scale project.

In fabrication, we’re building mechanical components and systems in a completely controlled environment. Each project is fabricated into a work package, and each work package is tracked digitally with proprietary software.

That means fewer people are needed on the job site – which is safer, more economical and more efficient.

Fabrication ensures a better product. Every joint, every component, is inspected before it ever arrives at a job site. It also means a lot less material is wasted, and that saves money.

Read more about our 90,000-square feet fabrication shop

PHASE 4: On-Site Construction.
Bright, hard-working – and inventive – people on your job site make all the difference in solving complexity.

Your Batchelor & Kimball field team is built with union members who have deep experience in their craft.

Most have been with us a long time. Our younger and newer professionals have been through a rigorous screening process, which includes assessments for strong cognitive reasoning and collaborative, professional behavior. They’re also trained through a state-of-the-art apprenticeship school and get supervised, hands-on experience in the field.

Typically, we first hire talented people as interns, co-ops, apprentices and contract professionals. This contingency allows us and the employee to determine a “good fit” for a longer tenure. To uphold our high standards, we aim to promote from within the ranks.

To assure consistency, we work only with a select group of experienced subcontractors – craftsmen (and women) we’ve partnered with for decades. And we bring in licensed, independent professionals to inspect the work of our team before it’s delivered.

One other thing about B&K mechanical construction and plumbing: We’ve never had a project we didn’t complete.

In our 90,000-sq. ft. fabrication shop, we handle miles of piping – as wide as 5 feet in diameter, and as small as half an inch.

Start-up and Commissioning.
OK, the HVAC and plumbing infrastructure is built. But is it built to specification?

Does it function as promised? Will it serve your facility well in the long term?

In the end, you need certainty – and that’s what our commissioning team provides.

If the commissioning people are up for the first time as construction is wrapping up, that’s too late. B&K’s commissioning technicians are involved in the design and preconstruction stages, helping to develop the plan and shaping the specifications.

They’re also engaged throughout construction – tracking the commissioning plan, helping to navigate complexity and verifying that specifications are met.

Ultimately, they’ll monitor the startup process of all systems. And once our construction work is completed, if required, B&K brings in a third-party inspector to conduct a final assessment.

The final transition to the facility owner needs to be seamless. We provide:

  • Detailed documentation of work performed to specification
  • Training of facilities personnel
  • Continued monitoring

Many of our facility clients choose to continue working with Batchelor & Kimball to repair maintain their facilities and system controls.
See what we can do for your facility >

And now, more about our plumbing capabilities

  • 10,000 square feet dedicated to plumbing prefabrication
  • 1 million square feet of plumbing performed annually, on average
  • HVAC + plumbing turnkey package for project savings, real savings for owner
  • Self-perform plumbing in the most complex and critical environments – pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, data centers, healthcare environments and BSL-3 laboratories.
  • Experienced plumbers who get the job done on time